Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stolen from Meg, but still fun...

A. age: thirty, the big 3-0
B. bed size: king
C. chore you hate: waxing the floor
D. dogs: most recently Raji
E. essential start to your day: shower!
F. favorite color: green and yellow, duh
G. gold or silver: gold, allergic to silver earrings
H. height: 5'9"
I. instruments you play: violin
J. job title: school year: elementary school teacher.  summer: camp coordinator
K. kids: hellz no!
L. live: Arizona
M. maiden name: still the same
N. nicknames: Jamers, JamieSowder (no break), hey you...
O. overnight hospital stays: a few years back with an infection in my leg
P. pet peeve: lack of respect
Q. quote: "there's more to life than football, but no much"
R: right or lefty: right, but always wished I was a lefty
S. siblings: ha too many to know!  But we will count my brother Jared, sis Chel, and half brothers Scottie and Shawn
T. time you wake up: 5:45 AM on work days
U. university attended: ASU East Campus, then NAU extended campus for my Masters Degree
V. vegetable you dislike: uncooked broccoli
W. what makes you run late: cleaning, sleeping, breathing
X. x-rays you've had: quite a few....but I am a-ok right now
Y. yummy food: ice cream, anything my mommy makes
Z: favorite zoo animals: any of the big ones fascinate me

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