Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Why is it that some days are harder than others?....

Why did the students decide to push my buttons today rather than another day?...

Why can't adults just do their job?....

Why can't I just tell the person/people I am frustrated with what's going on?...

Why can't parents actually care about their kid, rather than pass the blame?...

Why are some days just harder than others???

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Mr. Kenny Rogers

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending my 3rd EVER Kenny Rogers concert. I know, I know...you say WHAT?? But I just love this guy. Love, love, love him! My mom, sister, and I have attended all 3 concerts together, and it's just some great memories. Maybe, just maybe, we will introduce Mr. Kenny Rogers to Abby and Kayla when the time comes....(I'm sure Kenny will still be singing and performing when they're old enough to appreciate him!!)
Many of Kenny's songs bring back amazing memories. My favorites are being up camping as a young girl, listening on my cassette player (w/headphones) to Kenny on tape. And when the tape was done, taking it out and flipping it to the back to listen to even more songs. I listened to his music OVER and OVER and OVER. To this day, I can still sing along to his songs because of this!
Of course, Kenny looks WAY different now than he did before:

Got to love the miracles (or misfortune, in this case) of plastic surgery. Seriously, if it ain't broken DON'T fix it! Kenny, you looked much better BEFORE the horrific surgery than you do after. Ugh. Good thing you still sing amazingly well!!

And we're home...

We got home from Vegas yesterday afternoon, after a nice few days there. I know my mom and dad had a great time, as did I, and am looking forward to the next trip...as long as it's not too soon! A few things I want to remember:

  • riding the shuttle to the strip....wow, what interesting people you meet!
  • Eskimo, Eskimo, Eskimo...b#*@! (I still don't know what this means, but it was said on the shuttle to us, and I found it quite funny)
  • Aimee was LOVED by many guys on the shuttle
  • Meg had a great time, so did I, with the free drinks
  • my mom found a new favorite drink :) buttery nipples are amazing!
  • playing Monopoly with Ma and Bum Bum
  • watching my dad watch my mom...he still really loves her after 33 years (Happy Anniversary, by the way!!)
  • how cute my brother was calling me each day to make sure we were all having fun!
  • flying to and from Vegas, my mom was so cute. She stared out the airplane window loving the view

Just a side note...I don't expect anyone to read these blog posts; they're more of a 'journal' for myself to look back on :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's Vega$ time baby!!

I am going to dedicate this blog post to my mom and dad--the true fans of Las Vegas! We are heading that way tomorrow morning, and I am really excited to be an only child for a few days...hehe. Ma and Pa LOVE our trip(s) to Vegas, even though we rarely leave the hotel. We don't go to clubs, we have already done the sight-seeing, now we just relax and play the slots.

I am so happy my parents are fortunate enough to take these small trips now. Ma and I were talking today and she stressed how she doesn't want any regrets...so off we go to have some good fun together! Hoping to win BIG!! $$

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Look at these abs!!!

Okay, so we all know I will never look like this....for many reasons:

1. I am not a guy. My 'chest' will look very different.

2. I love food, way too much, for this to ever happen.

3. Um, ya.
Guess I should be thankful I am not at this point, yet?? Hehe. I am working out though, doing the Insanity program a few days a week with some friends from work. Someday I will look skinnier :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Welcome to the world...

Emersyn came into the world on October 1, 2010 on her terms! She is a blessing to her mommy and daddy, and has made her GG proud making her grand entrance.
Emersyn in absolutely prescious (she does scream sometimes, which I find adorable!!). I look forward to the memories I will make with her and her mommy; the trouble she will get into, the adventures we will take together, the wonderful items we will buy on impulse, and the girl time we will share. I hope Emersyn is friends with my nieces Abby and Kayla-they are a bit older than herand will totally teach Emersyn the ropes!
Emersyn, enjoy your time with Mommy because I know she is cherishing every moment with you! Make sure you scream a few times for me :)