Monday, December 31, 2012


Yesterday, my dad and I drove to Parker, CA to pick up a recliner from my aunt and uncle.  What a drive!  Took about 3.5 hours to get there, we had lunch, and drove back home--all in Jared's fire truck.  I love driving that truck...makes me feel so big :)  The only downfall was his back window being broken-and cannot roll up.  Did I mention how cold it was yesterday?

What an exhausting drive, though.  Lesson learned--stay the night in between!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Get ready for picture overload!!!
Family Pics 2012

My beautiful (and skinny) mom, and an adorable pic of mom and dad.

Abby and Kayla, cute as ever!

Family pics for Xmas....great pic, ugly grass :)

How cute are these?

Brother and sisters pic.  Very cute, I am a fan of the darkened/gray ones!  Look so vintage (ignore me grabbing myself in the top left one...what was I doing?)

We had a little fun with the girls....some silly string (which Kayla freaked out about) and some laughs. My mom and sister are beautiful!!!  And how cute is Abby???
I love this picture with Chel, Ma, and myself!  I seriously think Kayla and Abby could be models!!!
What do I say about these?  Love the smile on Abby's face as she gives her mommy a kiss.  
Jared and my dad...great pic.  Look at my dad's ornery face!
Foot ball pics with my brother....Kayla loving on Jared and Abby's goofy smile...a great picture of my dad which will help us keep some great memories of him!

Granparents and grand kids!
Love this...Papa's girl!  And yet another great family picture!
Mommy and daughters!
Adorable...Abby loved tickling Kayla to make her laugh!  

I think my parents look like two young lovebirds :)

Princess fairy time...and getting Uncle Jared!

Another great set of pictures!
Lastly (if you have made it this far!!) these two poster pictures are just too beautiful!