Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One lucky Aunt--week 1

With my summer job being Monday through Thursday's I've got some free time on my hands. I am so fortunate this summer to get to spend Friday's with my adorable nieces for a few weeks, including a couple sleepovers (aka Jamma parties!!!!).  Abby is now 5 years old, and the smartest person alive (or so she thinks!!).  Kayla is 3 and full of spunk. 

For this week's sleepover, we watched Lion King II (hated it, fyi), had a few crying sessions during the night from Kayla--one of them was because she rolled off the bed, took Raji for a short walk (it's just too hot out), played with clay, and went to see Madagascar 3 at the theaters with my parents.  It was cute because the girls didn't know they were joining. I LOVE the sound of Abby yelling "GRANDMA" and Kayla squealing to see PAPA!!!
Clay time was a hit with Abby, and for me.  Probably because she was so impressed with ANYTHING I made....including the smaller version of Raji (my dog) that she insisted on carrying in her pocket for the rest of the day.  Needless to say, Raji (the clay model) morphed into a ball of clay as the day went on!
Don't let this picture fool you...Kayla was having NO PART of the glasses once the 3D movie started.  She did, however, get a really good nap in during the movie.  And I loved the cuddling we got to do!
After naptime, we went swimming for a bit before going home.  I was exhausted, they were worn out, but all in all we had a good time.  Only two more days until we start again!

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