Friday, June 29, 2012

Still feeling lucky!

This week I spent Friday with my little munchkins. No really big plans, except playing with their new toys and fun makeup!

 So I don't have a pool and Abby was upset.  This is the says it needs 3 to 4 people to assemble.  Boy did I teach them....Ghetto much?

 Raji had a good time watching as Kayla went in. She couldn't wait for the water to fill up and for me to move the ladder and chairs!

 We let the water out of the pool after a few hours. Abby and Kayla were helping by "kicking" the water off the porch!

 It's hard to see, but I did her makeup with "real" makeup...and painted her nails :)

Of course Kayla got in on the fun!

 Both of their "paint nails" on their feet:

We ended our day by visiting Grandpapa and Mama at the cemetery.  They both gave them kisses.

 Excited to go and see Mommy and Daddy!

What will next week's adventure be??

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