Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

There is nothing like a father.  They teach their kids how to be a good person, are the rock of the family, and are the man most daughters love first.  I am lucky to have the dad I do.  From his stories, to reality, to generous heart I know I am blessed to have had him as my dad.  Although as he ages things change, I still will always look up to him and the accomplishments he has had in his life.  He fought for himself; both parents died at such a young age and he didn't give up.  For someone who had such a horrible childhood, he turned into one amazing man!  I love you, Daddy!

Here are some of the amazing pics Tracy took for us as a gift to him:

As the years go on, I appreciate you even more.  You have made my mom a very happy lady over the years, and I hope you know that as the years continue we will all be here to take care of you...just like you did for us all these years :)

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