Monday, January 31, 2011

Are you ready for some football??

This week is a big week! The week before the SuPeRbOwL!!! I took a lot of time to plan football realted activities to fit academically into each subject. Today we worked on measurement, and team building. The students were given the exact measurements of a goal post, then had to recreate the size outside. Gotta love hands-on activities!!

The students were given 12 by 12 inch paper, and had to create a 10 ft long by 18 ft 6 in wide goal post. Looks simple, but with 26 energetic and leader-type kids, it took them a bit of time.

This is once it was completed, checked, and verified. They were excited to lay on their hard work and make a goal post!!!

My goal this week is to post one fun activity or lesson we accomplished!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And the anxiety sets in...

Have you heard? Well, if you've been in a cave...

PACKERS made it to the SUPERBOWL!!!

And in case you have forgotten, or don't know me, I am a huge Packers fan. Not one of these "ooh, this team has pretty colors" (although they do) or "ooh they made it to the superbowl now I am a fan" type people. I am a FAN. Big time. I probably own almost everything known to man that is related to the Packers--gotten them as gifts over the years.

So back to this anxiety thing. The superbowl is still over a week away. I want it to be tomorrow. I want to celebrate with family, eat off green and yellow plates, decorate the house for the special occasion. I want to have our GREEN AND YELLOW party with my class the Friday before the superbowl. I want it to be here already.

I am looking forward to next week though-I have put a lot of work into planning various football activities with my kids. EVERY subject has been tied into football. A lot of work, but I hope the kids enjoy it.
Can't it be superbowl Sunday already???

Monday, January 17, 2011

One week later...

This week Lambeau reached some milestones...she has been with me a whole week and has made HUGE progress (thanks to my daddy!!!). She has very few bathroom accidents in the house, LOVES being outside and running around, and could not get enough attention :). Lambeau even sleeps in my bed with me at night, and lets me know whenever she has to go outside!!!

Who knew I could love her so much? The picture above is of her relaxing on the patio swing with my dad. It's so fun to see him interract with her and how she loves him.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's puppy time!

It's time for you to meet....

Lambeau Sowder!!!
She joined my house on January 8, 2011 after being adopted from the Humane Society. She is already loved MORE than I could imagine, and making friends with everyone she meets. Lambeau was named NALA at the shelter, but since my mom had a hard time saying that name, and to stick with the Packers tradition, she was renamed Lambeau (after the field the Packers play on!)
Lambeau did not have a happy beginning to her life. She was found and given to the humane society very hurt. They can only assume what happened to her: she was tossed out the window or thrown from somewhere. Poor thing had a fractured skull and they did not believe she even had an eye! Lambeau was rushed to the vet hospital, the workers thought she would be put down but the AMAZING Chelsea (an adoption worker at the humane society) asked them to try to save her and she'd foster her until she recovered.

Now at 3 months, Lambeau is doing great! I love her little jumps, her internal growl, her little yip of a bark! I also love seeing my dad play with her and am so thankful that he is here to help :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Even on a bad day....

In the spirit of staying positive, I'd like to share a few reasons why I love being a teacher (don't let the clipart above fool you--I just found it funny!!)
Students will tell you the strangest things, for example:
  • I got scratched by a dog
  • My dad was drunk last night
  • My mom had her baby
  • My brother broke his arm
  • I had the best weekend because....
  • This was the most boring weekend...
  • I forgot to do my homework because I forgot we had school today.
  • I missed you.
  • Did you get fatter?
  • School is easy
  • School is hard (yes, the same kids will tell you BOTH in the same breath!!)

And...they say it all with excitement, a smile, and eagerness to share--no matter what it is!!

I can't imagine doing anything else with my life. Seeing the smiles, laughs, giggles, sparkle in the eyes when they understand what you're teaching, talkativeness at all the wrong times, ability to make me laugh, and overall wonderfulness of being a kid makes me appreciate and LOVE my job--even on the bad days!

And when a kid says "You're the best teacher ever" it still melts my heart...even though I am pretty sure they have said it to the past 5 teachers they have had!

And not to be outdone, I love saying to kids:

  • because I said so
  • did you really just ask why?
  • is this a full, complete sentence? would your mom/dad agree if we called them?
  • dont' make me prove you wrong
  • yes, I may be old but I am smarter than you
  • because I said so
  • I love ya kiddo

Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's already been a year.

Okay, this is for ME. I need to get this off my chest so that I can be strong for my family today. I woke up with swollen eyes this morning, I am pretty sure I replayed this day in my dreams last night. It's going to be sad, and I need just a moment to dwell before I am positive for the rest of the day. Thanks...

A year ago I did not know what was in store for me. I went along with my daily routine, even had my brakes replaced. As I headed over to pick up my grandpa, a sadness was felt; I thought to myself as I pulled in his driveway, someday I wouldn't be doing this-picking my grandpa up to go to church together. I said a silent prayer to God to PLEASE let me do this for a long time, I wasn't ready to give up my time with him. Little did I know.

I went to the door, and it was locked. Papa ALWAYS left the door open for me on church days so that I could just come on in. I thought that was strange, but then thought I am a little late maybe he thought we weren't going today?? I rang the doorbell, called his house phone, no answer....I banged on the windows and walked around his house to the backyard. Every window was covered with curtains and I couldn't see in. I thought maybe he was in the shower, or the bathroom so panic did not set in right away.

After a good amount of time, I called my aunt. I did not have keys, could not get into the house, and wanted her to come let me in (she had a spare set of keys). I asked her not to panic, drive safe, and see her soon. In the meantime I called my dad-I wanted to prepare him to be strong for my mom...I was afraid my grandpa had fallen and needed my dad to be there for her. At this time, my mom couldn't drive b/c of surgery and we didn't allow my dad to drive after his accident. They were stuck at home-next call was to my brother to see if he was able to go get them if need be. In typical boy/brother fashion, he told me I was being paranoid and Papa probably was joking with me and to call when I got in the house.

Waiting for my aunt, I was pretty calm. I called Amanda, she kept me strong. Who knew I would lose it and go into shock when the neighbors pulled up-I have known them for so many years, and when they pulled into their driveway I fell apart. Buck and Shirley waited with me, outside the house, for my aunt. I knew what we were going to find out, but couldn't bear to say it. Looking in Buck's eyes, I knew what had happened. I called my brother, told him to go get my parents.

My aunt arrived, I ran to her. She dug out the keys and asked me to open the door. Couldn't get the darn keys to work, so between the two of us, we FINALLY got it open. I wish, wish, wish I could delete the following memory from my mind. Running into his house, Aunt Michelle yelling "dad, dad" and me "papa?"...and when we ran into the den my aunt let out the most heart breaking sound...she saw him before I did. I have never felt so heartbroken in my life.

Yes, Papa was at peace. He simply fell asleep as he started to read the morning paper. He didn't even get to drink his hot tea! The dishes in the sink told me that he ate breakfast, so I am glad for that. The moments that followed are such a blur. Making the phone calls, hearing the firetruck come, watching the firemen work on him, waiting for family, making more calls, and absolutely sobbing the entire time.

I often question why God had me be one of the ones to find him. I don't know why-I can't believe it was to make me a strong person. I didn't want to be the one to make the phone calls, to have to inform my sister of what happened, to watch my nieces come in the house with absolute fear. To watch my mom cry so hard, and see the upset in my dad's eyes. I just cannot believe this all happened.

I try not to think about this. It's an image I don't want to remember. I want to think of my grandpa in his true form, smiling and laughing. When my grandma passed away, over five years ago, I was there when it happened. Her passing was a little more expected; she was in hospice and we were told she didn't have long. I was able to say goodbye to her, talk to her, and watch her last breath.

Please, God, give me the strength to continue to be strong. Being in their house is an honor, and I don't regret ever living here...but I do regret not getting to thank Papa one last time for being him.
P.S. The Packers play today, and I could really use a good game and a Packers win to help with the day...Papa would be so happy for a win....