Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer sleepover....week #2

We started out this week's sleepover with a movie...who doesn't love some superhero stories with family fun?  That's right, we watched The Incredibles! I hadn't seen that in a while, so it was fun to see it again.  The girls were adorable, laying on their sleeping bags and sharing popcorn.

Ok, I know that this picture looks bad, but she really isn't clawing her eyes out!  Abby and Kayla were tickling, and by the time my phone decided to take the picture, this is what happened.  The only reason I kept this picture is because of the foot in the background.  Newby joined us for our movie.  Yes, he had a pedicure, and YES his toe nails are painted.  He thought the girls would find it funny....

Friday morning we went for FUNNY FACES at IHOP.  Yum!  Well, Abby had a funny face and Kayla had fries and mac n' cheese.  But still, fun!  They did a nice job coloring.  (Would you have ever guessed that I said "look like you're coloring so I can get a good picture??" haha)

We ended our sleepover by meeting their mom at Hamilton Aquatic Center.  I unfortunately did not get any pictures there of them having fun, so I stole this one from online.  Abby went on the diving boards and down the slides all by herself!  She looked so tiny next to the other kids doing it,but she was brave!  Kayla had a blast swimming in the little kid area and going down the kid water slide :)

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