Friday, December 31, 2010

AmAnDa, my dear....

Olive juice. Thank you for being my friend. Almost one year ago I realized what a true and amazing friend you are. When I needed my family and friends the most, you drove to me and were a big help and shoulder to cry on. Without your strength, kindness, and "amanda"ness, I wouldn't be the person I am today. Olive juice!!

Farewell 2010...

2010 was a year of many events, as is for everyone. It's 12 months of new memories, exciting adventures, and new friends. I have been very blessed this past year, and would like to take a moment to reflect on a few things:
  • January is a hard month. A year ago this coming weekend I found my grandpa. I will try to stay positive and remember his amazing personality and kindness, but I still miss him. I just hope he is watching down and I make him proud.

  • In March I officially moved out of my parents house; I never thought the day would come. I loved being at home, loved being with my parents, but the time and opportunity had come for me to leave the nest...and I have enjoyed every moment of living alone! I miss my parents terribly at times, but thankfully my job and the dog(s) keep me company.

  • I am lucky enough to work for Camp Challenge in the summer, and it's a great eye-opening job opportunity for me. This past year I was promoted to camp coordinator, and boy was I in for a shock. I knew what was expected of the coordinator, and did the job to my best ability--but all who know me know I don't just 'do' a job, I go above and beyond...which just makes more work for me :) This past summer I formed bonds with many of our campers and a lot of the staff, making me even more excited to come back this summer!

  • School started again in August. I was pleased to continue teaching 5th grade, and in the same classroom. I found out that this bunch of kiddos would be different; some amazing kids who surprised and surpassed all I could ever hope of them, and some that didn't....needless to say, I have learned to be stronger this year. I received my first 'death threat' from a kid, had some terrible things said to me, but I am still teaching :)

  • I was given tickets to see Lady Antebellum (a country group that I love) for my birthday, and lucky for me the concert landed on Halloween! I am not a big fan of dressing up-maybe because the whole afternoon of the school day is spent dressing up kids, prancing around the halls, dancing to music, and giving them way too many sweets before sending them home? :)

  • Thanksgiving this year was expected to be very tough; our first family holiday without either grandparent. Jared was drawn for Elk Hunting, so we took the opportunity to spend the holiday camping with him. IT WAS AMAZING. I had the best time with the family, made some amazing memories, and can't believe how much it snowed!! I look forward to next year, and hopefully my sister and her family can join us!

  • I have discovered my fascination to talk with my closest friends about poop. I hate poop, it makes me gag (human, kid, dog...all of it!!) but for some reason I have found it funny to bring it into many conversations....??

  • This past Christmas was a very special one. We all met at my sisters house and ate a delicious meal, opened presents, and spent time with family. Pete and Fran came down and stayed with me, and Stacy, Brandon, and Ashlee were able to join us. It was nice to see the whole family and extended family together, be there to support each other, and have some good laughs. I LOVED watching Kayla-bug open presents; she didn't care whose present it was, or what it was...she just wanted to open it. Abby wanted to play with EVERYTHING as she opened it. What is it about kids that make Christmas so special?

  • I ended this year by going to zoo lights with my sister, Abby, Kayla, and my brother. We had a nice time together, just us siblings! Today I am going to see a movie with my parents and brother, then have a few close friends over to watch a movie and stay in on this crazy holiday. This past year I have learned the true meaning of friendships; have learned to find friends in the people you may not expect, and to love them all for who they are.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas to all...

Merry Merry Christmas to everyone in the blog world! I hope that everyone has a joyous holiday. Make lots of memories. Don't have regrets. Take pictures. And just enjoy!

This is my first Christmas living in my grandparents casa. I have had fun decorating the living room and putting up my first tree. I even was adventurous and made some home-made cookies! It has been an adjustment, but I am truly enjoying living here.

I am also looking forward to my aunt and uncle coming down and being here for the holiday. We are spending it will TONS of family at my sister's house. What're your plans for the holiday??

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's up, Dawg?

So is it abnormal to love your dog? How about love the dog that isn't your dog?? Follow me??

Since moving into this house, my little bro has been insistant that I have a dog with me at all times (he did give me the option between a dog and a gun...I chose dog). Every week or so we trade off dogs between Marley and Stella. Marley is the mommy and is super soft and sweet. Stella is pure muscle and appears to be mean-but loves almost everyone. And has bad breath.

Side note: in my class we just finished reading Where the Red Fern Grows. This story has made me EVEN more emotional and attached to dogs! Ugh, what a good story. Sad, but good.

Don't get me wrong-I have two dogs...but they are with my parents, my dad adores them and I couldn't bare taking them away from him. Plus, one of them is psycho and didn't sleep during our sleep-over weekend (ya, she didn't get the memo that it was a SLEEP over). The other dog seemed so sad away from her buddy that she went home quickly.

Brings me back to Jared's dogs. I love coming home to a happy dog excited to see me. I can't mess up their cooking (food from a dog bag!!). I cannot do anything wrong, and are always up for cuddling :) In their eyes, I am the most amazing person ever!

Most people post adorable things about their kids. I will now post adorable things about the family dogs :)