Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rainy Camping Trip (get ready for picture overload!)

We didn't get to camp at all this summer, except for this past weekend. The whole family went up to a beautiful area past Clint's Wells.  Drove up Thursday night, and planned on staying until Monday or Tuesday.  Our trip was cut short because of the downpour of rain....but all in all we had a good time!

Abby played photographer for a bit...

Jared tried to trim Kaydee's nails...but she jumped so bad she got hurt
As the sprinkles set in...

Lots of rain = lots of mud
The mud went past our shoes...and many times the shoes got stuck in the mud

Good memories with this truck!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


For those who don't teach, I thought I'd give a wrap up of setting up a classroom.  Here is my room after sorting out all the items that were NOT mine:

This tree was given to me by Adrian.  He is an amazing artist!
Dad came by to help.  I had him put the crayons and markers in bins for me.
Mom was kind enough to come over and take out the HUNDREDS (no, I am not exaggerating) staples left in the walls by the prior teacher(s).
Whew.  Now it's starting to look like a classroom!
Had to take a lunch break, right?
Our school's AC isn't quite up to par yet from the summer.  It's very hot in the classrooms, hence the multiple drinks.

Calendar/lunch choice board (border was given to me by Jill Hildwine years ago and I still use it!)

Student of the week board!  
Bulletin board in the hallway.  Going to add pics once the students start!

Birthday board!
Cursive alphabet

Job board

Pretty much the only thing "educational" up so far, besides the alphabet :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Being unemployed....

Today work has ended....7 weeks at camp, cleaned and packed up....and now I don't have a job.  For like a whole two weeks (yes, sarcasm!).  I plan on doing the following; you can consider this a 'to-do' no particular order:

  • catch up on my sleep (done-slept in until 11:30 today!)
  • go camping with the family (done!)
  • organize the kitchen cupboards (done!)
  • organize my bathroom (done!)
  • shampoo the carpets (done!)
  • take a few naps (done!)
  • pack up my former classroom (I did not teach one day in said former classroom, fyi)  (done!)
  • move to new classroom (done!)
  • set up new classroom (done!)
  • prepare for a new grade level (done, as much as I  can for now!!)
  • see a movie (done-saw Ice Age with a very special family!)
  • play with Raji (always can do more of this!!)
  • spend some time with my sis and her girls (done!)
  • have some drinks (done, and am ready to not have any for a while)
  • spend time outdoors  (done!)
  • come up with some great activities to do with the future students!  (done-at least for the back to school fun stuff!)
  • maybe throw in some extra sleep time (done!)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's the final countdown...

For the past few summers I have had the pleasure of working with a fun summer camp.  As we enter the last week of camp, I wanted to note a few fun things that have happened:
**getting beat up by a camper while a government agency was there to observe
**being punched in the face by a grown camper
**getting the second hand story of staff changing a diaper, to find a full in-tact balloon coming out of...well, you get it
**the worst meltdown I have ever seen, resulting in:
no, not a bite a good scratching with some small but sharp nails :)

**some amazing laughs with staff and campers
**wonderful memories
**knowing we all made a difference

Saturday, July 7, 2012

All done!

So quite a while ago I wanted to touch up some paint areas in the house.  Mistake #1...assuming the brown paint I had was the same I used to originally paint...big mistake, it wasn't the same color...I'd like to think I had a bit of tie dye going on....but that wasn't it.  Just my stupidity! The random spots of color were driving me insane.

The kitchen wall/partition
This is the planter next to the kitchen.   A nice view each time I eat at the table.

The front entrance partition/mail holder

This picture was once I was getting started on the big wall.  Wasn't part of the original plan to paint, but was a last minute add on.  It needed a smooth paint cover...

Here it is after with the curtains and extra's on

Front partition/mail holder :) 
I know these pics are a bit hard to see, since I started in the evening and went until the sun went down.  

Wonder what will be next?  I need to paint the living room and other kitchen to the new paint job it looks pretty dull!  What color do you suggest?  A dark gray?

Summer sleepover #3....

Had a great time with Abby and Kayla Thursday night.  We started by going to Walmart to buy some fun, but cheap, things.  The line was forever long so the girls entertained themselves!

 When we got home it was time for "paint nails" with the girls.  After I painted theirs, they painted  Need to learn to color inside the lines, right? 

 Friday was swim lessons.  Kayla was having some one-on-one time swimming with the teacher.  She is so cute. 

 Abby at her diving lessons.  She was so proud, and wanted to make sure I was watching.

We met up with Jared, Kasey, and Joey for some Peter Piper Pizza.  They were in heaven with the kids, and Jared and I had a good time watching them.  We went to Jared's to swim for an hour after...and the girls were exhausted!   (Side note: healthy eating begins Monday, I am a chunker!)

My favorite part of the sleepover and weekend?  The two hour nap that followed the fun in the sun.  They both cuddled with me and I loved every moment of it!