Tuesday, April 1, 2014

79th birthday

Sunday we got together to celebrate my dad. I can't believe he is 79.  That seems so old, but I often don't feel like he is that old!  He had a great day with family and LOTS of friends!
Mckayla and I taking a selfie
Aunt Michelle, my mom and Kayla

The girls from left to right: Josh's daughter (Forgot her name), Gwen, Abby, and Kayla.  Ooooh and don't forget Trigger. 
The girls enjoying AZ in March.  The pool was too cold so they went for the sprinklers

Papa and Kayla.  She made this kite for him, the picture is of him :)
Papa opening my gift to him....doesn't he look excited?
I had to get a picture of the writing.  Abby is really growing up, look at her penmanship Kayla is working on forming letters...she said this says something like "happy birthday, I love you forever and ever".  Melts my heart.
My friend made these carrot cake cupcakes  AMAZING.