Monday, November 1, 2010

Ugly, old man feet

Many are aware of my dumb feet. They hurt, always, and I REFUSE to have any other surgeries (because, as MANY of you know, any surgery is not simple for me. IF it can go wrong, it will, and be bad!!) So I finally broke down and went to see a foot dr today (yes, I skipped school for it, but I was also able to take care of a few other dr appointments, too!!).

So turns out I have a case of planters fasciitis, in BOTH feet. Really, whoever said "Go big or go home", I'd rather you just go home. This is just ridiculous. I know, it's not a major health condition, but it sucks. No sugar coating it, it sucks. Their result? Two terrible, horrible, no good shots in both feet. Seriously, the worst pain I have ever felt. And they still hurt, six hours later. Oh ya, and the dr said it's going to hurt worse over the next few days...of course, he tells me this AFTER the shots.

The best part? The extra large boot-brace I get to wear every night for the next 4 weeks. Oh, and tennis shoes EVERY day with a heel cup. Wow, who said getting old was fun?!! Haha, I seriously am like a little old man...

Here is a picture of my new best friend:

DON'T be jealous....


  1. I'm dying Jamie!!! Your poor feet! And I love the sarcasm I sense from this you. :) That really stinks. I hope it doesn't hurt too bad.