Thursday, November 11, 2010


Geocaching is SO much fun. Here are a few of the questions some have asked:
  • What is geocaching? Geocaching is an updated version of a scavengar hunt or hide-and-seek. You use clues and GPS coordinates to find the hidden 'treasure'.
  • Is it expensive to do? Geocaching does NOT cost anything, and can offer hours of entertainment..for free!!
  • Do you really have fun? Yes, we always have fun! It can be frustrating if you can't find it at first, but it really is a treat. Plus, you get exercise!
  • Can you geocache with kids? Yes! Here is proof:

Our success today only feeds the anxiety to do it again! We hoped to find quite a few caches, and thanks to Princess Emersyn we found all of them. She was such a big help, being able to look in the hardest and smallest of places...
Today we found 5 geocaches: White Peaches, No Crab Here, World Trail Travel, Girly Girlz Memorial Day, and So You Want to go Huntin?
Interested in geocaching, go to


  1. Ok. I've always wondered what geocaching was but have been too embarrassed to ask. That sounds so fun!!

  2. I really want to hide one now too. What do you say? I will start looking for a good place. You start looking for a container to put it in. :-)