Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Here you go, Ma!

Mothers have many names, many appreciations, but I have to say one thing....MY MOM is the best. You can try to argue with me, but guess what?! You're wrong, my madre is the best mommy anyone could ever have. I am fortunate to have my mom as my best friend, someone I can always turn to and count on. She has been my rock; I cannot imagine life without her. My mommy is always a phone call away or short drive. She has given me so much in life, and has taught me more lessons than I can ever count.

My mom is living proof that guardian angels do exist. I know that most of us believe that all angels are looking down from heaven and are helping us from there, but my angel lives only miles from me. She has great advice, is genuinely concerned for me, and always has a kind word to say to me (and, some pretty darn funny ones to cheer me up, too!!)

I have never seen such happiness in my mom's eyes until she became a grandma. Boy, do those grandkids love her! Abby adores gamma, and loves her one-on-one time with her. Abby goes over to gamma's house for sleepovers and they have jama parties. Whoever said being a mom was the best gift, I think giving me my mom was the most precious gift I have ever been given!

Props to Erin Roberts for the great picture!!!

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