Monday, November 15, 2010

My daddy!!

Thanks to Erin for the adorable picture! Can't wait to see the other family pics :)
So I figured I should dedicate a post to one of the two most important people in my life (don't worry, ma, your's is next--age BEFORE beauty!) This is to daddy, pa, padre, Ralphie, papa, and hey you! All names that we use to get your attention, and some of them to show our love :)
You are amazing. You have shown me what life should be-kids (many, many kids), family, a happy marriage, and a true gentleman. Life has taken so many turns, and I don't want to look past any opportunity to tell you how much I love you. You were an amazing softball coach in my younger days (even though you MADE me practice pitching every day!!!) You taught all of us what hard work is. I will never look at a street curb the same! I will always remember working every Saturday sweeping street curbs, and then helping out with the landscaping. We always did this as a family, and it helped us become the hard working adults we are.
I am so glad you have had the opportunity to experience grandkids. Abby sure loves you, but Kayla is a Papa's girl. There is nothing cuter than her saying "papa?" whenever you are out of her eyeline. She adores you, Abby loves playing with you, and we love watching you with the girls :)
I love you, Daddy.


  1. So sweet! what a wonderful tribute and picture!

  2. Thanks DeAnn!! Your jellybeans will be writing about you very soon :). You are an amazing mom :)