Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow...

We have successfully arrived home from a snow filled elk hunt up by Clint Wells. It was fun to get to camp with the family; we arrived late Wednesday evening to a nice, cold camp...and woke up Thanksgiving morning to snow! I was so excited...I have never in my adult life camped in the snow (my mom "says" we did when we were kids, but I don't remember). Here are the pics from Thanksgiving day:

The next few days seemed to be warmer-ish. We went out looking for wood to keep our fire going. Here is proof that my brother's brother actually worked: (notice the snow has melted, in most parts?)

Today we woke up to:

Yes, folks, that is snow (it is NOT some random blurry spots on the lense). We woke up to snow falling, quickly, from the heavens. We quickly packed up (THANKS NEWBY AND MEG FOR YOUR HELP!!!) to get out of there before the snow became a slushy ice mixture.

We seemed to be doing well on the drive, until we came to a hill...that had turned to ice. My mom was driving in front of us with my grandpa's old truck and camper, with a trailer attached to the back of it. Newby was next in line, and then me. Needless to say, I had a near-death experience and am so happy to be home!!!

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