Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vacation Thursday-Sunday

Thursday we picked Jared up from the airport and headed to the BIG CHEESE, a bus that Fran's son and friends had redone in all Packers get-up.  The Travel Channel was in town doing a piece on them, so we stopped by.  

I just LOVE these signs...we don't see this in AZ

Seriously....I couldn't believe these.  I wouldn't wear them

Friday morning we headed out to see Ted and Arvilla.
I loved the farms and silo's.

So good to see Uncle Ted laughing and being silly

Friday night Bob and Beth had the family over for a bbq, so we got to visit with everyone.  And maybe do some shots...
 After, we headed to listen to a live band, but got a sudden downpour of rain so we headed to the bar a little earlier than planned :)

Yes, I am wearing a jacket.  It was cold there!!!

Had a great time at this bar...danced the night away

Saturday we went out to Shawano Lake for the Haase family reunion! It was 50 degrees, but still beautiful out.  
Tom, Pete's son, hosted the reunion at his house.  Isn't it amazing??
Pete and his brother Fritz.  Fritz looks so much like my grandpa.
The remaining Haase brothers/wives (besides Ted and Arvilla who couldn't make it out there)

We like to double-fist it.  Margarita and an Old Fashioned :)
Ted Jr and Cindy
Everyone brought food, it was quite the spread
Deanne and her son
Tom and his grandson
Brothers :)
"BOY" talk
Aunt Rita had a good time poking the fire with her cane.

We really had a fantastic day!

Sunday was the last day Jared was in Green Bay.  We spent the morning seeing some family and then headed to the airport.  We ate at the Titletown Brewery where I left my sunglasses.  Shout-out of thanks to Beth for getting them to me and mailing them to AZ.
It's just so pretty in WI
Pete relaxing
One last group pic with the four of us

Group picture
Lissy and her dad, Bob

All around, I had a memorable and fantastic trip. I can't thank everyone enough for all they did for us!
 My next trip out I plan to bring my mom :)  

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