Sunday, July 14, 2013

My weekend....

I had a sleepover with my little munchkin, Abby.  We had lots of fun...
 We tried to make the sun catcher and it didn't quite work out...but had fun trying :)
 Abby painted a picture for her cousin Ashlee, then had a tea party with her stuffed animals.
 No sleepover is complete without visiting my dear neighbors, Buck and Shirley.
 We went over to Aunt Chel's for Ashlee's b-day.  Aren't my mom and aunt cute?
 Who needs toys? They had fun with a hose and water.
 I couldn't help but fall in love with this...they did it after their water fun.
 Kayla fell asleep on the way home within MINUTES of buckling her in.
And poor Abby tried to fight the sleep but just couldn't, so grandma had to hold her head for her.  Do you know how heavy a head can be???

Weekends with the family are always the best.  I spent a few hours with Jared on Saturday, he replaced the battery in my car and then hung out at my house for a few hours.  If our schedules keep us from being together all at once, I am just glad we can see each other at some point :)  Next time, my sister needs to join in on our sleepover.

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