Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vacation time- Monday through Wednesday

I was lucky enough to get to go to Wisconsin July 21-29th.  Are you ready for an abundance of pictures? I arrived Monday in Green Bay at 5am.
Yes, my name was spelled wrong...but they didn't notice!
Pete and Fran's adorable house.
  After a few hours of sleep, headed over to Pete and Fran's for a relaxing day.  Tuesday I had rested up and had some fun with Lissy at Shopko
Wednesday was the BIG day...the Packers Shareholder's meeting!
We sat behind a kid wearing this jersey.  Coincidence??
A breakdown of all my shareholder $$$
Fran and Pete
Of course, pictures of me with Lambeau Field in the background. 
The section we sat in :)
Self explanatory :)
I want this sign outside my door!
The beloved Atrium.
Love this guy.
Newspaper from the following day.

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