Saturday, August 24, 2013

This man...

Buck Myrick was such a wonderful man.  I have been lucky enough to know him my entire life, but really became close with him over the past few years.  He was there with me when we found my grandpa, and has been a rock for me ever since.  For the past few years I have enjoyed many conversations with him, laughed with him, and shared some tears when times were tough.

I will miss him, more than anything.  Miss his smile, his hug, and his genuine love for everyone.
 Buck loved to make things, and I love that he shared them with me.  I have a rabbit in my front planter, two adorable kids swinging from my front patio, and an adorable calendar he made for my classroom (all made out of wood). I am lucky to have this whirly bird by my driveway to look at and remember him. He left it, one day, as a surprise for me.  Notice the detail in the colors... :)  

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