Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th to you, too!!

Today is the 4th of July, in case you didn't know....and I decided to spend my day with my parents, with a brief stop to see my grandparents.  I had to thank them both for their service to our country; my grandpa was in the military, and my grandma held up the home front with 4 kids :)
Fun fact: this was a flag my grandpa had around the house that I added to their flowers today.
My parents and I went to see "The Heat" today with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy...excellent movie.  I even heard my dad giggle a few times...ha
We stopped for lunch/dinner after the movie....attempted to eat some regular pasta.  Boy was that a bad idea...within an hour I was in terrible pain.  Guess I will be sticking to the gluten-free pasta from now on. Totally NOT worth the splurge...but enjoyed every moment with mom and dad.
Marley is spending the weekend with me while Jared is out of town.  LOVE this picture of the two on the ride home...they were a bit hot but still had to sit right next to each other.
Marley is TERRIFIED of fireworks...any boom and she is immediately by my side or Raji's side.  Should be interesting when we head outside in a few minutes to try to see the Tempe Town Lake fireworks...!!!  I have a feeling we will be sleeping with the radio on tonight so she isn't scared...poor pup!

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