Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just remember....

On those super tough, hard to understand, all patience is lost days with my dad I want to remember the good days. Like this past weekend-he was so happy to be here. I do believe a change of environment helps him stay in tip top mental shape sometimes! So, back to this past weekend...we ate yummy food, took him to get a hair cut at that really nice salon by my house (FYI it's Great Clips!), and then went to a few nurseries to window shop for some trees for my backyard, and just spent TIME together. Walking around the nursery and looking at the plants helped trigger some of his memories, and I have decided to LISTEN when he talks...instead of tuning him out. I don't want to look back and regret anything! I listened, each and every time, as he told the story of his landscaping days....and when he repeated the story a few times later during I pretended like I had not yet heard the story!

I want to look back on this and think of the good days :) They aren't always so good, and I am glad to take a moment remember!

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