Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break, days 1 and 2

One of the benefits of being a teacher is getting the same time off during the school year that the students do!

I started the week by babysitting my fav little 5 month old...no, not Lambeau! I spent a good chunk of yesterday with little Emersyn. We did a little shopping, but mostly hung out at her place and talked. A lot. Wow, can she chat off my ear :)

Last night we had a campout at my parents house with Abby and Kayla. Too cute, Abby was so excited! She called at one point (around 2:00) to tell me to hurry and come over because it was getting dark out....

Grandma went all out and had hot dogs to bbq over the campfire (fire pit). We enjoyed the food and being outside, even made some smores!

Then came the fun of sleeping...Abby talked a good game about sleeping in the camper with me (it's even better than CAMPING-it was plugged in to the electric so we had a/c and power!!). We layed down for about five minutes, and Abby decided she didn't want to sleep in there anymore. I took her in with Grandma, and brought out Kayla....and that lasted about an hour and a half. :) She woke up screaming, so she went back to bed with Grandma. Grandma had a very full bed!! I, on the other hand, just had two large dogs in bed to wrestle with. Lambeau enjoyed her first campout, she played the whole time with Kaydee and Packer!

(so, ya, who is the smart one who did not take ANY pictures? Ya, that'd be me. Enjoy the free clipart courtesy of google images....)

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