Wednesday, March 2, 2011

101 reasons why I love Lambeau...

Ok, so not really 101 reasons...

But I am impressed that you'd read this to see if I really would post 101 reasons! I have not had the pup long enough to come up with all 101 but I am sure I could come up with pretty close to it if I put some time/effort into it :)

My favorite things about Lambeau:

  • cuddling at night. It may take her a bit to calm down from the excitement of going to sleep, but when she does it's totall worth it!

  • she's always happy when I come home from work. It doesn't matter what kind of day I have had, she is always happy and it's contagious

  • the great saying "who rescued who" totally applies to this pooper!

  • she lets me call her fun names like pooper :)

  • cuddling...did I mention that already?

  • her sweet face-even as she is biting my leg...

  • her crazy eyes when we play tug with the rope

  • overall-just everything!

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