Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend FUN!


Today Miss Emersyn was baptised into the Catholic Church. As her Godmother, I promise to raise her in any emergency, and teach her to enjoy football and become a die-hard Packers fan!


This past weekend I was fortunate to have my dad, Kaydee and Packer over (for those who don't know, Kaydee and Packer are my parents' dogs). Boy was Lambeau excited to have her friends over. Kaydee was patient with her, but Packer taught her how to play :) I didn't get any great pictures of them outside, but here are some from this morning as we lounged around:

Kaydee not wanting anything to do with my camera

Packer and her cute ears!

Lambeau sitting still for the first time all weekend :)


Driving my dad home today, I saw this beauty:

The Superstition Mountains with LOTS of snow! Too pretty not to share!

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