Sunday, March 6, 2011

Abby's first run!

Abby ran her first race this past weekend, at the Phoenix Zoo! She loves that her momma does races (marathons) so she was so excited to be in her very first one. Chel (her mom) ran it with her, while the rest of us (me, my mom, Aunt Michelle, Stacy, Gwen, Kayla, and Jason) were there to cheer her on! Who knows who was more excited when she passed, or Abby! :) She sure is a big girl, and I am so proud of her!!

Chel got her some new running shoes, which she wore around the house to practice before the race (Chel says in her undies, a t-shirt, socks and shoes!). Too bad we don't have a picture of that cutie-pieness to share!After the race we were allowed to stay at the zoo and walk around. Did I think to take many pictures while Abby was running? No. Glad my sister did so that I could steal them from her!!
Here is some "after race" fun! Who told them to pick the statues nose?? Oops!

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