Monday, February 21, 2011

Princess Birthday!!

Abby had her 4th birthday party this past weekend...the poor girl is cursed with a February birthday. Every party she has tried to have has been cold or rainy! This year my sister and mom went all out-rented a bouncy house, got yummy bbq food, and her adorable preschool friends came to celebrate! All that changed as the rain poured to love AZ February weather! It was quickly picked up and taken to Peter Piper Pizza :) We all had fun, and I was glad to get to see my niece enjoy herself. Here's what I want to remember about her up to this point:
  • I love her laugh. It's contagious! She is always happy to see me (well, pretty much everyone but I'm making it ALL about me!!) Abby can bring a smile to anyone's face.
  • Abby is so smart. She amazes me all the time.

  • When she says JAMIE. No one can imitate it, and it melts my heart each time!!

  • I love her funny sayings: oh papa, kaydeepacker (my parents two dogs whose names have been merged into one!), oooooooh baby, Kayla bug say ______, hers crying, hims sad...pretty much anything she says makes us happy

  • She is a gorgeous little gal. Who would have known that my sister could produce not only ONE, but TWO adorable and precious kids :) (Love you, Chel!!)

  • I cannot believe she is in preschool. Kindergarten is just around the corner! Teachers, be ready for this one!

Here's Abby (the princess with fairy wings) giving everyone kisses and thank you's for her gifts.

Guess who's birthday is coming up quickly? Kayla-bug!!

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