Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love week

Since Valentine's is over, I can now reflect on the things I love...as a teacher I tend to dread the holiday's that involve school parties. I LOVE seeing the kids enjoy themselves, LOVE eating the food, but the whole planning and anticipation of the kids before the party can take its toll. I am going to steal this LOVE idea from my friends Marianne and Jill, but change it up (aka shorten it).

I LOVE my family. My mom is too good to me, my dad has always been a huge help. I still think my brother is a special guy and is always here when I need him. My sister is the most amazing mommy I have ever met, and I LOVE her kids.

I LOVE teaching. Yes, even the grading, planning, and misbehaviors. I love working with kids, teaching them, and watching the spark in their eyes.

I LOVE camping. Love it, love it, love it. I love the fresh air, sleeping on an air mattress, being outside. The only other place I'd consider home...hehe! Looking forward to camping again, soon. And you know who joins me camping? My family!

I LOVE my friends. I have learned who the real ones are, and who aren't. And I love my friends.

I LOVE our family dogs! Kaydee, Packer, Marley, Stella, and MY PUP-LAMBEAU!! I think that dogs have something very special, and I love them to death.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Packers. Is this really a surprise? Haha.

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