Friday, July 20, 2012

Being unemployed....

Today work has ended....7 weeks at camp, cleaned and packed up....and now I don't have a job.  For like a whole two weeks (yes, sarcasm!).  I plan on doing the following; you can consider this a 'to-do' no particular order:

  • catch up on my sleep (done-slept in until 11:30 today!)
  • go camping with the family (done!)
  • organize the kitchen cupboards (done!)
  • organize my bathroom (done!)
  • shampoo the carpets (done!)
  • take a few naps (done!)
  • pack up my former classroom (I did not teach one day in said former classroom, fyi)  (done!)
  • move to new classroom (done!)
  • set up new classroom (done!)
  • prepare for a new grade level (done, as much as I  can for now!!)
  • see a movie (done-saw Ice Age with a very special family!)
  • play with Raji (always can do more of this!!)
  • spend some time with my sis and her girls (done!)
  • have some drinks (done, and am ready to not have any for a while)
  • spend time outdoors  (done!)
  • come up with some great activities to do with the future students!  (done-at least for the back to school fun stuff!)
  • maybe throw in some extra sleep time (done!)

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