Saturday, July 7, 2012

All done!

So quite a while ago I wanted to touch up some paint areas in the house.  Mistake #1...assuming the brown paint I had was the same I used to originally paint...big mistake, it wasn't the same color...I'd like to think I had a bit of tie dye going on....but that wasn't it.  Just my stupidity! The random spots of color were driving me insane.

The kitchen wall/partition
This is the planter next to the kitchen.   A nice view each time I eat at the table.

The front entrance partition/mail holder

This picture was once I was getting started on the big wall.  Wasn't part of the original plan to paint, but was a last minute add on.  It needed a smooth paint cover...

Here it is after with the curtains and extra's on

Front partition/mail holder :) 
I know these pics are a bit hard to see, since I started in the evening and went until the sun went down.  

Wonder what will be next?  I need to paint the living room and other kitchen to the new paint job it looks pretty dull!  What color do you suggest?  A dark gray?

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