Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This Holiday SeAsOn....

Here is a random post, as my brain tries to slow down from the chaos of this week....

Christmas was held at my sister and her families casa again this year. Good thing they have a big house to hold us all! It was great food, as always, and even better for the memories made this year. I was glad to have Pete and Fran here to enjoy the day with us, and have them stay with me during the holidays!

We also were lucky to have Aunt Michelle and her family join us. Can't believe it's 4 generations already on her side! Also, Tracy and her crew joined us. What great kids she has--so kind, caring, and genuine. It was nice to have everyone together.

Spent the afternoon todaydoing report cards and cleaning up at school, after my double dose of allergy shots. Fun, fun. Glad they're done, but that means school will be approaching again soon. Well, on January 5th :) Lissy will be here tomorrow for a week of fun....or something like that! :) We are heading to Parker to visit her grandparents (Pete and Fran) this weekend, and then back before New Year's Eve...have I ever mentioned that I am not a big fan of NYE? I would so much rather sleep....maybe this year something magical will change my mind. Haha.

Doggies are not fighting anymore...but I haven't given them much chance to be together and go at it. But, they're both safe and nursing them back to health is just not fun. I enjoy spending time with them, though. We have been on walks almost every day and they are both such amazing pups!

Looking forward to next week-hair appointment. There's nothing like a little pampering time to feel good about yourself! Hope everyone has a safe New Year's Eve. Don't be stupid-get a cab if you need it! Or call me to pick you up :)

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