Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Here they are!!!

The time has finally arrived...to unveil our fabulous family pics from this year (<---SINCE this stupid blog is being slow, check them out on my facebook page. If you can't view them, let me know).

BIG thanks to Erin Roberts (http://www.photosbyerinleigh.com/) for the amazing pictures. You made us look great. The family was very pleased when they opened up their Christmas gifts and finally got to see them! I think I can say this will continue to be a family tradition each year. Looking back at last years pictures--it's amazing to see how big Abby and Kayla have grown! They are growing like weeds....and get even more adorable as they grow up!

I love the picture of all of our faces really close together. It was a big weird when taking the picture, but I think it turned out really great! I am also beyond thankful that Erin was able to catch a wonderful, and genuine, picture of my dad smiling. He looks so happy and like himself in that picture!

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