Saturday, September 17, 2011

So torn....

I was so lucky to find an amazing puppy in Lambeau. Since she came into my life, it has been nothing but love and fun (even during those hard puppy years!!). When GB came into our lives, everything was great. For months they've played, ran, and enjoyed being sisters.

This past week everything changed. GB's food aggression came out, and poor Lambeau had to suffer. It came out of nowhere; there weren't any real signs (little fights that didn't amount to anything over toys)...but these past two (yes, two) fights were so bad I had to take Lambeau to my parents' to give her time to heal. And boy, have I missed the little rugrat running around and her burst of puppy energy!

Yesterday I picked Lambeau up and brought her home. I was so happy. I kept her and GB separate until this morning, to give them time to adjust. Meg came over, and we tried having the two dogs together. It didn't go well. In fact, it didn't go well at all. Lambeau only wanted to fight. So after a day of tears, talking, re-hashing the situation, it's been decided to have Lambeau go back to my parents for a while. Let her heal (she still has some nasty cuts on her legs, and her heart needs to heal....). I will keep GB here.

I know it sounds terrible-sending my first pup away. I'm absolutely torn. At my parents she has two other dogs to play with, and my dad can keep an eye on her since he is home all day. And my mom can help her injuries heal. Right now, having both dogs at home I have to keep them apart at all times. One in a kennel, one outside and then switch. It's do-able, but not fair to any of the dogs.

My fear is that I will have to get rid of GB. She may not sound like a great dog (from earlier comments on here) but she is an absolute sweet heart. She loves to put her head on my lap. When I get home she is so happy to see me she runs in circles. Abby spent the night last night and GB joined us in bed-and was so gentle and sweet with Abby!

I just pray that, in time, we can go back to our happy little family....

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