Saturday, September 17, 2011

The big 30....

So as my birthday approaches, I can't help but think what a milestone year this is. Thirty. 30. Three 10's. Six 5's. You get it. So it has brought up a few questions:
1. Am I where I thought I'd be at 30?
2. Have I accomplished all I'd hoped by 30?
3. What else do I want to do with my life?
4. Should I feel more pressure for this birthday?

I don't have major plans this year, and I feel like I should. But a big shindig just isn't me. And I don't want to make a big fuss when I don't know what I should be celebrating. For instance, (be patient, I'm thinking as I type) here are some answers to the above questions.

1. I never honestly set any goals for my life years.....I have never said that by 30 I needed to accomplish certain things. So I can't really answer this question. I am glad, and very fortunate, to be living in my grandparents house and keeping that memory alive. I am so lucky to have two adorable nieces (ABBY AND KAYLA, THAT'S YOU!!!) and amazing friends. In this way, I am so happy with life. And almost being the big 3-0!
2. I am proud of myself. I was surprised to graduate high school, so to continue on and be where I am today is a shock in many ways. I am proud I have furthered my education (as far as I can, pretty much!!) and proven to myself that I can do it.
3. I want to eventually (maybe 5 or 10 years) move into special education. Right now, I am so happy with my teaching position and I don't want to change a thing.
4. I feel like other people "want" a big party for me, but I have kind of already answered this question above.

So, biggest question? What will I do to celebrate this year. I have decided. And for those who know me, it has taken a long time to actually decide. But it's official. I am getting a tattoo. On my foot. And yes, the little sentences and pauses are necessary to enhance the fact! Once I get it, I will post a picture and describe why it's so important to me....until must wait :)

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