Sunday, July 10, 2011

England Friends

This is dedicated to the two newest family members....Josh and Tom.

1. I was a bit nervous at the thought of you guys staying with me.
2. I am SO glad you chose to stay with me!
3. We had a blast with you here, and I still think you should come back...
4. Forget Vegas and its pretty lights, come back here!
5. Their kindness and polite way of handling things is amazing.
6. I could learn more from them.
7. I still have your accent stuck in my head (I swear, my thought are now in a British accent instead of American Englihs).
8. Can't wait to see you again!!
9. I enjoyed every moment of you being here. Being so kind to my dad and loving on my mom made some great memories.
10. Tom-thank you for taking Abby and Kayla under your wing. They LOVED you.
11. Josh-you will be here soon less than a year....and I am so happy!!
12. Love you both like brothers. Seriously, LOVE my real brother, but you guys are awesome.

Thank you for the memories!

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