Sunday, April 17, 2011

Settling in

I have lived in this beautiful casa for over a year now. Lots of things have changed but I am finally feeling like I am settling in. I have learned to pull weeds as I see them, so they don't get away from me (they're fast little boogers!). I know to keep up on the yardwork so it looks like someone lives here. The whole house is kept clean (probably too clean, but I love it); this way when company comes over all I have to really do is dust. I have learned to fend for myself-and can fully admit that I am NOT a good cook. I also have learned to appreciate my family more. There are times where I really miss having another human in the house (Lambeau doesn't always talk back to me when I want to engage in a conversation...) but there are also times that I love being alone. Needless to say, I am settling in!

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