Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happiness is.....?

  • getting home to have an adorable puppy waiting for you

  • walking in to a house that's perfectly clean

  • watching my nieces laugh and play

  • listening to the cute stories

  • NOT AIMS testing (yes, it's boring for teachers, too)

  • having your laundry done for you, folded and ready--and leaving the ironing for me because that's the best part!

Happiness is NOT:

  • coming home to a huge mess from the puppy

  • mysterious stains on the carpet

  • purchasing a nice area to use to keep the puppy contained to keep the above from happening....

Know what makes me the saddest? Leaving in a rush for work, forgetting to open the doggie door and close up the nice area thingy purchased for the puppy....so the pup can get loose and do whatever she wants all day. Oops!

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