Sunday, September 19, 2010

Murder Mystery Parrrrrtay

Toga, Toga, Toga!!

My breastie, Amanda, hosted a murder mystery party last night at her apartment. Wow, what an ordeal! First of all, for those who know me, I don't enjoy the Halloween/dress up/going crazy experience. Little things, I am all for. BIG events, not at all! BUT, Amanda helped me get ready and helped me to turn out as a great Toga lady. (What will I do once she spits out baby Emersyn?? Who will get me ready???)

A fun time was had by all: shout out to Meg for "playing her character" to full extend, Jess for being a great sport as a man, Jen for being the murderer, and Newby for playing my fav character...Flabby!!

I am looking forward to our next group adventure...should be fun!!


  1. Um... you will still come over and I will still get you ready! Alex can watch Emersyn while we go get fancy :-)