Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I just can't help....

It's just after 6am, and I REALLY need to be getting ready for work.....but I had to take the time to write this while I am still feeling it.  It was a dream, but it was the most beautiful dream I have ever had.  So beyond realistic--I feel like the word realistic is completely lame wording but I can't even think of what to call it.  Magical or heavenly?

Last night my grandparents came to me in a dream.  Both of them.  It started out as a bad dream, but I received a note from Papa saying to remember it's a dream.  It gets a little blurry, but the next thing I know they are both sitting at a table talking to all of us.  We are gathered around the table and they are talking about little things from their lives.  Sharing small stories, talking with everyone.  Then it becomes a more intimate setting, where they talked about their life together, and they are so happy.  They held hands, and I sobbed.  Papa actually told me to stop blubbering.  Mama was so healthy and happy...I actually heard her laugh.  She made some jokes about the toilet being too high here, not like what she was used to....and she looked me right in the eyes and said she loved me.  They both also talked about their favorite thing to do, which was dancing (??? not sure how this fits in.  Maybe they liked to dance when they were younger?  Or it's something they can do now?).

Papa had a hurt foot, so he wore a slipper on one foot and one of his old tennis shoes on the other.  I joked about getting him a new pair, but he commented--why, there's nothing wrong with this old pair!  We talked a little bit, he told me he got a dog.  And she let him poke at her with his cane.  Dog just showed up one day on his patio so he knew it was his.

The weirdest part was that there were these images that were put in my head, like they were sending me messages through pictures.  One was of Papa's puppy-it was Lambeau.  Another was of the family all together.  Like as if they were saying "don't forget this".  He also gave me some images of the Packers.  Seems lame, but it was one thing he ALWAYS teased me about.

While talking to my mom this morning, I completely broke down and started sobbing.  The last image I have is of them holding each other's hands on the table, looking at their wedding rings.  You couldn't mistake the love they have for each other, even today.  I am so sad, heartbroken, joyous, released that I had this dream. It was a sign, I am sure.  One I am lucky to have gotten--and I am sure they saw I was in need.  I think of them daily--any time I find a penny on the ground I thank them for the blessing.  I cannot believe that this isn't real.  I don't ever want to forget it.

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