Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I had wondered what I could blog about, and today it was pointed out (thanks, Meg!) that I can write about how much I love to organize. Love, love, love. Right now, I am really loving organizing the information I have into binders for school. We have adopted the new PLC way, and with it comes a lot of data, new information, and yes-an excuse to organize.

Nothing makes me happier after a day at work than taking a file of random papers and putting them in nice sheet covers, with tabs, and making a cover for the binder. I now have a nice stack of nicely organized binders--and it makes me happy :). I have even started making binders for my teammates! One of them mentioned that I could get a side job organizing offices, or use it as a back-up, if anyone is in need of an office organizer, I am your gal! Just let me know!

This weekend I will tackle organizing my computer desk/office area. I believe that's the last room in the house I haven't fully gotten to...but I will this weekend! Should I post before and after pictures of the next binder I put together???

Hope everyone has a great night!


  1. I want to see before and after photos of the office area.

  2. You can come and organize my desk at work. It is a landmine :-(