Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jumping on the bandwagon....

With everyone posting a daily reason for being thankful, I thought I would join in on the fun...but I am going to put EVERYTHING (well, all I can remember at this point) I am thankul. Fasten your seatbelts, folks, this may be a long ride!! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  • I am thankful for my family. Each and every one of them. Without their support, kindness, and understanding I would not be the person I am today.

  • I am thankful for my upbringing. Watching my parents make it through the tough times and the good times has made me appreciate the little things in life.

  • I am thankful for the house I live in. Little things make me happy; each day when I get home from work I am thankful that the smell is still here to remind me of my grandparents...and I hope that never leaves. Makes my heart happy.

  • I am thankful for my best friends. Without them, I would be a complete mess! They listen to my ups and downs, they listen when I am super excited or upset, but no matter what, they are always there for me.

  • I am thankful for my pups. I know "some" have said I shouldn't have them, but I love each day with them. Especially days like today when I can cuddle with each one and spend lots of time loving them.

  • I am thankful for those who made me smile and happy over the years.

  • Memories. I love them. I am so thankful to have them.

  • I am thankful for the hunting/camping times I have had. The little things, like remembering a fun time with family and all the times around the campfire make a bad day tolerable.

  • I am truly thankful for my job. Even on the worst day, I know how hard I worked to get there and how hard I work each day to keep myself prepared.

All right...I think that's it. If I have forgotten anything, I will add it later :)

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