Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why, oh why...and where....and who...and, ya.

It's times like this that I remember one of the major perks about teaching. No, not the money-ha-or the amazing gifts, or the perks of being self employed or anything....the breaks and time off we get!! As we enter into Fall Break, I have some time to update the blog which also gives me a place to vent. So beware, from here, you may not want to read. It's more for my mental health than anything else. I am not offended if you click off of this here and now, and do not return for a bit. I promise! :)

  • my mom has been having leg issues. After a leg doppler, ct angioplasty, and an upcoming ultra sound, the doctors are still unsure what is going on. At this point it's one of two things: 1- a blood clot. Ya, we know. We are scared too. 2-a spasm in her blood veins/arteries (remember: I am not a doctor, I am a teacher so some details are a little blurry). This second option MAY be fixed with meds.

  • in the process of the ct angioplasty, the radiologist noticed a suspicious tumor on my mom's pancreas. Awesome, so not only is she stressed about her leg, my dad, life, work, family, she now adds this on.

  • we should hear from the doctor's office tomorrow (fingers crossed!!) so she can schedule her ultra sound and hopefully a biopsy this week-thank goodness that we are off work (again, a perk that goes along with teaching).

  • I took the AEPA test for special education about a month ago. Test results come in tomorrow. IF I passed (I highly doubt I did) I will dedicate an entire post as to why I decided to finally test. If I didn't pass, then we shall act like I never took the test. I won't retest-it was HARD and EXPENSIVE. I studied most of the summer (off and on) and again the weeks before the test. True to AEPA form, the test was nothing like the study guide.

  • dad spent a few days here. It was actually very fun and I enjoyed the time with him. He was in great mental shape and we had fun going to the store. When I take him, I "let' him ride in the motorized carts. And he is a crappy driver!! He hit a few displays/store shelves at Walmart, but I don't think anyone else noticed. I got a great laugh out of it!

  • in a few days I will see an allergist. Hopefully we can figure out, and get rid, of the sinus infections forever. May be asking too much, but I can hope!

  • Oh, did I also mention my mom has her mammogram this week? She is 7 (I think??) years breast cancer free. Each time this test comes around we are all nervous. Add to the list of worries, right?

  • Abby and Kayla are freaking adorable. Today Kayla ran to me....all excited to see me. Abby gave me lots of hugs and kisses. These two are great for taking the mind off of stressful situations!

  • Lambea and GB are getting along, great! I am so happy they decided to be good sisters and love each other! I am also relieved that they didn't have to be permanently seperated from each other. Always a good thing! Don't want to break up a family...

Ok, think I am done for now...I think

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