Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's puppy time!

It's time for you to meet....

Lambeau Sowder!!!
She joined my house on January 8, 2011 after being adopted from the Humane Society. She is already loved MORE than I could imagine, and making friends with everyone she meets. Lambeau was named NALA at the shelter, but since my mom had a hard time saying that name, and to stick with the Packers tradition, she was renamed Lambeau (after the field the Packers play on!)
Lambeau did not have a happy beginning to her life. She was found and given to the humane society very hurt. They can only assume what happened to her: she was tossed out the window or thrown from somewhere. Poor thing had a fractured skull and they did not believe she even had an eye! Lambeau was rushed to the vet hospital, the workers thought she would be put down but the AMAZING Chelsea (an adoption worker at the humane society) asked them to try to save her and she'd foster her until she recovered.

Now at 3 months, Lambeau is doing great! I love her little jumps, her internal growl, her little yip of a bark! I also love seeing my dad play with her and am so thankful that he is here to help :)

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