Thursday, October 14, 2010


Mr. Kenny Rogers

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending my 3rd EVER Kenny Rogers concert. I know, I say WHAT?? But I just love this guy. Love, love, love him! My mom, sister, and I have attended all 3 concerts together, and it's just some great memories. Maybe, just maybe, we will introduce Mr. Kenny Rogers to Abby and Kayla when the time comes....(I'm sure Kenny will still be singing and performing when they're old enough to appreciate him!!)
Many of Kenny's songs bring back amazing memories. My favorites are being up camping as a young girl, listening on my cassette player (w/headphones) to Kenny on tape. And when the tape was done, taking it out and flipping it to the back to listen to even more songs. I listened to his music OVER and OVER and OVER. To this day, I can still sing along to his songs because of this!
Of course, Kenny looks WAY different now than he did before:

Got to love the miracles (or misfortune, in this case) of plastic surgery. Seriously, if it ain't broken DON'T fix it! Kenny, you looked much better BEFORE the horrific surgery than you do after. Ugh. Good thing you still sing amazingly well!!

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  1. My favorite is Islands in the Stream because I love me some Kenny AND some Dolly!