Sunday, May 18, 2014

Foam Glow 5K for Phoenix Children's Hospital

 On Saturday I participated in the Foam Glow 5K at Goodyear Ballpark.  I was fortunate enough to have some of my friends join me.  My sister couldn't do the walk since she has a partially torn ligament in her  I did my first two 5k's with her.  Once she heals we can participate in even more.  (P.S. I have yet to be released to do any long walking and don't tell my doctor).  Another friend, Michele (one L, not my sister) was unable to join us on Saturday but I will make sure when she is better that we do another fun race/walk together.
Luella, Meg, and myself.  This was Luella's first 5k
The whole group...Meg, Nicole, Aimee, and me
I love this picture!!!
We may have had gotten a little bored waiting.  Photo cred to Meg for these great pictures.

The after mess.  Too bad you can't see the pink in this picture on my arms and face.
Right at the very end of the race.  I obviously did not get enough of the glow on me.  Notice the stranger danger photo bombing us?
And last, but not least, the final time. Cut off at least ten minutes because I started it early and did not end it right as we finished.  What's even funnier-look at my caption.  This is why my family makes fun of me...thanks to my sister who noticed it's on km...haha

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