Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Today I accomplished something I honestly never thought I would.  I did my first 5k (about 3 miles).  I know tons of people do a lot more, but for my out of shape/large body this was a lot.  And I am proud of myself.  I did it-without ever thinking I wanted to quit.  Thanks to my sister I may be hooked from now on :)
On the way to the race.  Kayla and Abby joined us for this major event.
Loved the signs at the starting line "you look fast"  and "great legs".
The whole gang.  Meg, myself, Chel, Abby, and Kayla with her pose.
 Did you know they give out TONS of free stuff before the race?  Heck yes.  
Doesn't my hair look nice?  Got it done yesterday :)
Mile 1.  I was a little excited still.
Meg was kind enough to run ahead to take this pic.  It's not a flattering one of me, but I will use it as motivation.
Yes, this is how I felt around mile 2 of our walk/jog.
I was so excited for mile 3, I ran to the sign :)
Meg kept track of the time.  It's my personal best, since I have never done one before.
Oh--they served mimosa's at the end.  Two free for each runner.
 Me signing the commitment day 5K banner.  I will do five 5K's this year, and will train for them in advance (unlike this one).  You can't really see, but I was sweating like CrAzY after the walk/jog.
Toast to me
Thank you to my sister for helping motivate me. I need to make some changes, and this is the first to better health!
I am going to keep this bib as a reminder that I CAN DO IT.

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