Thursday, September 26, 2013

Out with 31...

It's crazy when you reflect on a year...I think back to what I was doing this time last year and I can't believe how much has changed-and how much really hasn't changed (I know that's a contradiction, but you all know exactly what I mean).  I can honestly say I am proud of myself and all I have taken on in the past year.

Today was all about me, which can be tough. Getting a lot of attention, all day, and constantly thanking people for the super kind and generous things.  It is hard to have the focus all on me.  That being said...I loved every minute of it :)  I love having a class of kids who are more excited about my birthday than I am.  And adorable nieces who write "Happy Birthday Aunt Jamie" on cards, or tell me on the phone. My dad singing me a few lines from the song in the morning; my mom's excitement to come to my classroom and tell my secrets--things I want to remember.

 Here are a few pictures (I didn't get pictures of everything...sorry) of some of my spoils today:

Did I mention there is more to come on Sunday?  Family BBQ at Jared's

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