Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Today I woke up happy to celebrate this day with my dad...sadly there is always an uncertainty when we get together, not knowing if he is going to be fully aware of everyone around him.  I am stealing the following from my mom's facebook post, because I feel like it really sums up how we all feel going through this, and how we all admire her for her ongoing strength: 

Happy Fathers day to my dad and my husband. Dad- I watched you with mom when she had her Alzheimer's and you showed me how much you loved her with your patience. You had a way of laughing off the silly things like her trying to call us with the remote or trying to change the channel with the phone. I watched the pain in your eyes as she got worse but you never complained. I was almost relieved when she passed because you had a lot of burden lifted off of you and we got the chance to spend more time with you and to grow closer. You will always be my hero and if I can just be a little like you, I feel blessed.
Don- you have always been such a wonderful dad to our kids. I love you more every day and it hurts me so bad to see what you are going through. Forgive me for the days I am short with you. I am trying. Just know I love you very much.

Dad waiting outside while Jared bbq some delicious ribs!!!
Papa and his grandkids
This was too cute!
He must have "forgotten" that he has bad knees...while my nieces were playing he ran over
 and hid so he could scare them! :)
To the best dad I have (hehe),

I know you won't read this, but it is more for me to document events in our lives.  I am so happy you came over today and let us spend time together.  I am beyond thankful that all 3 kids could be together today, along with my mom and the grandkids!  I love days like today when we can relax and let memories be made.  I fear that we will forget some memories, so this blog will serve as our reminder.

I know that times can be tough for you-you sometimes get confused and have no clue what is going on.  I remember my dad before this awful disease; a strong, caring man who always took care of our family.  My dad who coached my softball team almost my whole life; my dad who spent endless hours practicing pitching with me (even if I hated it a bit at the time, but love it now!!); my dad who softly rubs my arm, even as an adult, and makes me feel worthwhile; my dad who showed us what it meant to really work for our money, when we went out every Saturday to help out with landscaping; my dad who made me learn my multiplication facts in 4th grade because I didn't know them, and forced my mom to practice them with me because he didn't always know the answers (he didn't have the privilege of finishing school); my dad who is my hero, no matter what.

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