Monday, May 20, 2013

She said....

On Saturday I used a gift card given to me by one of my *fabulous* students to a nail salon in Gilbert.  I sat next to a very nice lady who I talked a little bit with (side note, she was getting SUPER long nails put on and told me about how she designs her own nails by watching videos on youtube...not important but just a fun detail).  After a few minutes, she asked where I lived. I kept it pretty generic with "Phoenix".  She proceeded to ask me if I had any "walkers in my life".  Hold it right there.

Walkers, like opposite of runners?  I would consider myself a walker compared to my bro and sis who like to do marathons.  So I kind of laughed to myself and told her I didn't know what a walker was...and she told me.  Spirits.


Exactly what I thought.  Uh huh lady, whatever.

This is where it gets good.  She tells me that I have an older man with me (pretty generic, right?). I just did the polite "oh, ok" thing.  I asked if she knew who he was.  She responded with someone very special.  Uh huh, ok.  I asked for a name and she looked right past me.....weird, eery, but still I am thinking "ok lady".

The kind lady tells me "how he smiles when I am around".  And "he is so happy when you walk into his house".  I am sure this last one got a response...I am sure my face dropped.  Her last thing, with a bit of tears in her eyes, was "he is so proud of you".

For those who know me, you know who this was.  And how it means the world to me.


  1. Umm. Wow! I like to think that my Dad is here walking with amazing would it be to have it confirmed like that. I sure hope I would hear he was proud of me too.