Monday, August 1, 2011


...this year's classroom! I got the idea from a colleague to do a football theme....but I couldn't leave it there. Everything is Packers and/or green and yellow. Well, not everything, but you get the point!

My classroom job board

Teacher area...a bit of a brighter green and yellow but it does the job!

Wish list for meet the teacher night...they're footballs w/yellow tags requesting items

Packers shrine leading into the next room...sorry Erin!

For AR tests...

These are a little hard to read, but say: AR CHAMPS, TOUCHDOWN! AR POINTS DUE, and PENALTY: MISSING WORK. All to go with the theme :)

This is where the student of the week information will go (aka Wolf of the Week at our school)

Are you ready for some birthdays???!!!

Aaaaaah, the infamous lunch choice area, a necessity here at Towne Meadows.

I am so happy with the way it all turned out. Yes, it was a lot of work at the end but when I walk in it makes me SUPER happy! Thanks to all who helped with ideas, and putting up with my million questions :)

(fellow teachers will love this part: I spent MAX $20 on the whole classroom-the rest I owned)


  1. Yay you have a blog! :) I think it would be awesome to be a teacher! I wanted to.. I started out wanting to do that, but changed my mind. What grade do you teach?. I'm a new follower now :)